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Anti-Women Protesters march and disrupt women's event in Manchester

Women's group #WomensPlace organised an event on Thursday night in #Manchester to talk about women's rights, women's only sport, single-sex spaces, and women's law.

Thankfully the meeting went peacefully and the baying anti-women mob had dispersed by the end of the meeting and the attendees were able to leave safe!

Transphobia, a word which to many of us no longer has meaning, is being pushed by baying anti-women mobs like these to eradicate actual biological women as a class of people and remove their rights as female citizens!

Women are under attack!


#LGBTAlphabetSoup #WomensRights #SaveGirlsSport #SaveWomensSport #TransMob #TransAgenda

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Video exposes trans 'indoctrination' in UK primary school.

Hundreds of primary schools across the UK are exposing impressionable young kids to #trans #indoctrination - is your school next?

#TransAgenda #PraeWoodPrimarySchool #StAlbans #NoOutsiders #UK

It's time everyone withdraw their support from controversial Stonewall.

The Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP blasts the controversial pro-trans group #Stonewall and demands the government stop listening to activists!

#ComeOutofStonewall #ControversialStonewall

Tough Crowd by Graham Linehan!

Why is #PinkNews spreading false claims about Graham Linehan's book sales?

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