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Will the Labour MP Rosie Duffield defect to the Tories?

Rosie Duffield fuels rumours she may after hitting out at trolls over her rightful stance on women's rights!

After the way the Labour Party and its trolls treat her, I think she should!

Why would any woman want to stay in a political party that is eroding their hard-won rights for fair sports, women's spaces and deliberately blurring the language of actual women?

As always #IStandWithRosieDuffield because it's clear to me that #LabourHatesWomen

#RosieDuffield #Labour #LabourParty

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The London School of Economics latest to abandon controversial trans charity Stonewall
LGBT Youth Scotland has referred itself to the police

#LGBTYouthScotland (formally known as the #Stonewall Youth Project) has referred itself to the police over historic allegations of links to child grooming and sexual exploitation.

LGBT Youth Scotland's former Chief Executive was convicted of being a ringleader of Scotland's biggest paedophile network

#LGBT #LGB #JamesRennie #StonewallYouthProject #ComeOutofStonewall

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