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Julie Bindel suing Nottingham City Council

Julie Bindel is suing Nottingham City Council after they tried to bully her into silence and banned her from giving a talk at a local library!

"They'll hear very soon from my lawyers"

"I'm going to sue them. On behalf of every woman who is being told to shut up and stay quiet"

#IStandWithJulieBindel and highly condemn #NottinghamCityCouncil for their appalling behaviour against this woman!

"Nottingham's city councillors don't realise what they have done. By illegally banning me from giving a talk at one of their libraries they have started a fight I doubt they can win" #JulieBindel

#Nottingham #Nottinghamshire #Silenced #Library #LetWomenSpeak

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It's all happening on TerfIsland

Sensible Brits are starting to turn against a monstrous #GenderIdeology which poses serious threats to child safeguarding, women's rights, LGB rights, and society in general!

Speak out against gender ideology!

That thing that never happens!

The proof is out; hundreds of teens have had their healthy breasts amputated in #Canada in the name of gender ideology!

The youngest was just 14 years old.

#GenderIdeology #Mastectomies #Mastectomy #TopSurgery

The Running Grave by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)

This latest number-one bestselling book by the fearless British Icon JK Rowling has landed on my doorstep!

I cannot wait to get tucked into this knockout masterpiece!

#IStandWithJKRowling #TheRunningGrave #BuyJKRowlingBooks #StrikeNovel #RobertGalbraith #Goodreads #Bestseller

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