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Sign this important petition to strip Ruth Hunt of her peerage!

Please sign this online petition to "Strip Ruth Hunt of her peerage for her role in the gender medical scandal."

Ruth Hunt is the ex-CEO of Stonewall.

We, the undersigned, call on members of the upper house to use their powers under the House of Lords (Expulsion and Suspension) Act 2015 to expel Baroness Hunt for her deeply damaging public misconduct.

Click here for further details:

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UK: Big crackdown on trans ideology in the NHS!

Terms like #Chestfeeding and #PeopleWithOvaries are set to be banned outright!

'Transgender women' will finally be banned from female-only wards, allowing women and girls adequate privacy and protection!


A group of professionals, including medical practitioners, psychiatrists, lawyers, academics, and peers, have written a letter to the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, requesting an immediate public inquiry into transgender ideology in various institutions, including NHS and schools.

The letter has been signed by prominent figures like Liz Truss, Dame Andrea Jenkyns, Miriam Cates, and Danny Kruger.

Notably, Kemi Badenoch, the women and equalities minister, is understood to firmly support the calls for a public inquiry, underscoring the significance and urgency of the matter.

The Canadian taxpayer is being forced to pay for a #transgender #hermaphrodite's risky experimental genital surgery!


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